About the heart’s mind

Your heart’s mind is your trusty navigator, deep inside your heart. Your heart holds all the knowledge from all of your life experiences. There is a unique logic behind your natural and unique feelings, and there is a natural flow to time that we don’t really think about. Your heart’s mind navigates for you, keeping you on a course true to your heart’s wisdom.

True strength is natural and effortless, a product of a person’s inner, often unspoken certainty about what is true.

from The Heart’s Mind“*

Each day has its own dynamics, and is sometimes a little too dynamic! Your heart’s mind is cool and calm because it is not tossed about by life. In this blog, we look into that secret place where life is becoming more meaningful every day.

* This blog is based on ideas described in the book, “The Heart’s Mind” by Elizabeth Diane and in the scholastic paper, Qualitative Study of The Theory of Unconscious ResponseTM.

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May as a Phase Five Phenomenon In managing change, you established a base from which to live and work in your own authority. Now, the waters of life flow together again. Enjoy the quiet celebration of success. You overcame some hurdles, so your outlook going forward can be a little brighter. Keywords: Harmony/Assimilation You successfully … Continue reading May


April as a Phase Four Phenomenon Identity shows in the way you move around obstacles in a new situation. How and where you settle says something about you. Keywords: Path/Determination Your determination identifies you. You alone possess a nonphysical space in new circumstances that others perceive and adjust to. The unconscious determination in your heart … Continue reading April


How do you envision yourself among others? March as a Phase Three Phenomenon Your heart’s mind creates a unique space among others where you can be yourself. Keywords: Relate/Position Your unique worldview needs a place where you can think freely, apart from other controls. Your survival as an individual depends on self-awareness and knowing your … Continue reading March


February as a Phase Two Phenomenon Your distinct worldview accommodates change in a way that protects you as a unique individual. Keywords: Recovery/Priorities To overcome the surprises in January, recovery is spontaneous. You naturally bring the new circumstances inside your world where your growing, lifelong, tried-and-true priority system keeps you strong.

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